About the Book

Experience the joys, sorrows, and tribulations of growing up from a child’s point of view. A child whose thinking, feelings, and relationships are constantly changing and re-arranging. Within these pages are deeply felt memories reflecting a daughter’s relationship with her father from early childhood to the teenage years and beyond.

Memories through time are expressed within the daughter’s artwork and written word. At 2 years of age with a blue crayon she draws her daddy without arms and with legs coming out of his head, but the face has lots of details. Why are there so many details when she is only capable of communicating simple words and phrases? This image invites us into her world and leaves us wondering what this daughter’s relationship with her father is all about.

The effect of this father–daughter relationship is unquestionably powerful and compelling. An imperfect man tries to teach his daughter to be better than he is as a person. This is an outcome he expects his daughter to accomplish; this is an outcome his daughter feels she can never achieve. Over the years she views this man with imperfections differently. Still, she loves and respects him while driven by the impact of his values on her life.

Dad’s clean car